You Drove Me All The Way Back

Sam Cropley
21, Maine
Game Art, Pop Punk, and Sleep.

Anonymous hate messages are everything that is wrong with our generation. People hide behind the internet while lashing out to boost their self-esteem instead of being productive or brave.

In CT this week recording a debut EP with realtalkband. It’s actually really good.

I think I just really like Modern Baseball this week. 

In the studio recording drums with the guy who has done A Loss For Words, Pvris, and Handguns “Angst” album. This is about to be a crazy year.

Sometimes I wonder if I am in an isolated T.V. show set, living my life in front of millions of people and The Truman Show is a movie that is meant to wake me up from ignorance. Then I realize Nachos are a thing and I stop caring.






Just remember. There is no such thing as a fake geek girl.
There are only fake geek boys.
Science fiction was invented by a woman.


Specifically a teenage girl. You know, someone who would be a part of the demographic that some of these boys are violently rejecting.

Isaac Asimov.

yo mary shelley wrote frankenstein in 1818 and isaac asimov was born in 1920 so you kinda get my point

Not all geeks are science fiction geeks. Putting all extreme enthusiasts under the category of one form of fiction is a really close minded thing to do. Mary Shelley was a BAMF though.

(via meetinginmontauk)


Up The Wolves | The Mountain Goats

there’s going to come a day when you’ll feel better

and you’ll rise up free and easy on that day

and float from branch to branch 

lighter than the air

just when that day is coming, who can say?

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